Lively Lab 2018 Fall



dr. lively

Dr. Lively's group focuses on engineering advanced separation devices through a combination of materials science and chemical engineering.  In particular, the group's research investigates the use of nanoporous materials such as zeolites, metal-organic frameworks and polymers.

the crew

Meet the team! We are a group of dedicated scientists and engineers working on creating and developing advanced separation devices based on nanoporous materials.  Check here for any job postings.

research highlights

• Energy efficient molecular separation processes

• Design of multi-layer hollow fiber devices: sorbents, membranes, contactors and reactors

• Creation and engineering of high performance polymers and nanoporous materials


see the lab!

Discover the capabilities within the Lively Lab: 

Asymmetric hollow fiber spinning & testing facility, Micromeritics HPVA II & ASAP2020, TA Instruments VTI-SA+ & Q500, Polymer film casting and drying station, Automated cyclic pressure swing adsorption unit, Multi-component liquid permeation system etc.