2015 Lab Announcements

Dec 2015, Simon's research was just published in ACS Macro Letters! [read]

Oct 2015, The Lively Lab has received two DOE grants focusing on rapid pressure swing adsorption separations. Story.

Oct 2015, The Lively Lab has grown! Stephen DeWitt, Yao Ma, Fengyi Zhang and Leo Chiang are the newest graduate students to join the team

Oct 2015, Dr. Lively gave the departmental seminar at the University of Florida's Chemical Engineering Department.

Aug 2015, Dr. Lively gave an invited talk at the 2015 Gordon Research Conference on Nanoporous Materials & Their Applications

Aug 2015, Melinda's first article on her research has been published in Macromolecules [read]

Aug 2015, Melinda successfully passed her Ph.D proposal--congrats!

July 2015, Brian successfully passed his Ph.D proposal--congrats!

June 2015, Melinda gave a presentation titled "Sorption and diffusion of organic vapors into PIM-1 and the effects of methanol conditioning" at the 2015 Meeting of the North American Membrane Society

May 2015, Dr. Lively presented a seminar at Zhejiang University titled "Enabling scalable & energy efficient molecular separations via hollow fiber spinning of advanced materials"

May 2015, Eunsun Choi has received a PURA award for her summer research. Congrats!

May 2015, Dr. Koh and Dr. Lively contributed to the "News & Views" in the May 2015 issue of Nature Nanotechnology [read]

Feb 2015, Dr. Lively is giving an invited talk at the KAUST Reseach Conference "Recent Developments in Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials for Energy, Environmental and Water Applications" on Feb. 23 2015

Jan 2015, The Lively Lab has grown! Atombo, Eunsun, Anna and Nick are the group's newest undergraduate researchers